Method and Mission Statement

Productive Playhouse was founded as a children’s content production company on the idea that children’s programming could teach complex subjects like language, reading and math in funny, entertaining ways. Parents should be able to offer their children a serious program, and fun enjoyable entertainment in one!  Writer/directors Harry Ralston and Tamara Stern began aligning with top children’s educators in several disciplines to develop series that offered deeper learning and skill building hidden in inventive visuals, stories and fun.
The company’s first reading series, Your Child Can Read, established this Productive Playhouse model of implementing a top expert’s teaching methodology into a series of fun playful episodes, winning several parenting awards. Further award-winning series created explored other fundamental subjects, delivered though songs, stories, exercises and animated characters, in many languages and countries around the world.  New projects in development expand on the company approach to include a foreign language series for kids, a more-effective story-based exercise program to combat childhood obesity, and a new therapeutic series for Autistic young adults.
Productive Playhouse expanded on its precise educational work in reading and other subjects to develop a language services division of the company.  Productive Playhouse Language Services employs our team of transcribers, linguists, speech pathologists and translators, to offer transcription, field data gathering, linguistic, morphological and phonological analysis, and high-level translation services in more than 200 languages – with strong teams on every continent in locales all over the world.  Our language services division prides itself in dynamic problem solving, while offering premium data on every kind of collection.