Board of Advisers

Productive Playhouse works with advisors expert in many disciplines of childhood development. Our current board of advisors includes:

Simona Montanari, PhD in Linguistics USC Linguistics Professor Specializing in Bilingual and Trilingual Education.

Gloria Walther, PhD in Child Development Founder of the celebrated Walther Preschool and author of Eye to Eye: The Parenting Handbook.

Joshua B. Plavnick, PhD in Special Education. Michigan State University Professor of Special Education. Recently completed autism research studies for the Frank Porter Graham Child Development Institute.

Charlie Bell, Autism Spectrum Therapies – Behavioural Interventionist. ABA therapist for children with autism.

Toni Casala, President – Children in Film. Expert in Child Labor Law and safe working conditions.

Valerie Oguss, Education Director – Kidspace Museum in Pasadena. Museum education and curriculum development expert.