Making Halloween Fun and Educational

Children take Halloween very seriously. And why not? As kids, it’s their job — planning their costume weeks ahead, reconsidering at the last minute and planning the whole thing again. And then there’s the candy. How much will they get? What will they collect it in? How long can they make it last? But whether you’re taking your kids trick or treating, or having a party, Halloween can...

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On Safari For Productive Playhouse

Clinging to the side of the mountain, the air undulated in waves of heat. The temperature had soared to 110 degrees, and all around us were creatures in the underbrush slithering and crawling. A one-foot long centipede darts across my sneaker and the African guide, Jules Sylvester, clad in kaki shorts with a ruddy tan, raises an eyebrow. “Careful with that one. That’s a trip to the hospital for...

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Productive Playhouse series “Your Child Can Discover” wins four awards.

We’re excited to say we’ve just learned our latest children’s series, “Your Child Can Discover” has won four of this season’s parenting awards. Creative Child Magazine gave us their Preferred Choice Award. The Tillywig Toy Awards gave the series it’s Brain Child Award. The Dove Foundation offered their Family Approved Seal. And the PTPA gave us their Media Seal of Approval. This was a great...

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