Productive Playhouse series “Your Child Can Discover” wins four awards.

We’re excited to say we’ve just learned our latest children’s series, “Your Child Can Discover” has won four of this season’s parenting awards.

Creative Child Magazine gave us their Preferred Choice Award. The Tillywig Toy Awards gave the series it’s Brain Child Award. The Dove Foundation offered their Family Approved Seal. And the PTPA gave us their Media Seal of Approval.

This was a great follow up to the series going on sale successfully across the US and in England at the start of the year, with sales planned for Ireland, New Zealand, Australia, Mexico, Japan and Germany. In truth we’ve been amazed at how far reaching the combined series have been, with hundreds of thousands of units shipped of our first effort, “Your Child Can Read,” and sales moving nicely for “Your Child Can Discover.”

Productive Playhouse had a blast making this last series, which allowed us to combine live action, computer and cell animation, our new mascot puppet Benji, and a cast of amazing kids, some of whom have grown up from our first series to our third. The YBC series have given us a chance to travel from factories to fire stations to critter farms to aquariums, covering gymnastics to jump rope competitions in our effort to explore subjects that push learning for young children to the maximum potential.

We believe sincerely that when ideas are explained correctly, clearly and dynamically, there is no limit to what level kids can actually learn.

It’s been a pretty great year and these awards were a confirmation that knocked it out of the park.

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